Media & Communication Studies: The Program

Media and communications is an exciting industry that is vastly diverse and always evolving with many paths to pursue. The Media and Communication Studies program at Algonquin College is a one–year Ontario College certificate program designed for you to explore these paths and build your skill set to prepare for further study. If you have a passion for the media and communications industry, film studies, photography, and/or writing, the program is a great stepping stone to narrow your interest to a specific direction.

You will build a foundation of general skills as well as written and oral communication abilities that prepare you for further study and success in related programs at Algonquin (Advertising, Business – Marketing, Broadcasting – Television, Broadcasting – Radio, Public Relations, and Journalism) and some credits may be considered as transfer credits toward other college programs as well. Additionally, if you complete the program with a GPA of 3.0 or better, you are eligible for Articulation Agreements with the School of Media and Design or could also apply for advanced standing at Carleton University or the University of Ottawa. You also have the option to continue on to Year II of the General Arts and Science Ontario College Diploma program.

“The Media and Communications industry is so diverse with so many different opportunities and pathways. It’s normal that students might have trouble narrowing down what their passion is. We’re experts at helping students discover their passion in the media field.” – Jon Parker, Media and Communication Studies Coordinator

The widespread variety of content in the coursework allows you to gain general knowledge of each career choice in the industry before you specialize your area of interest. You’ll get the chance to explore your photography skills, write and create advertising content, explore Algonquin’s TV and radio broadcasting stations, film and edit videos, and more.

The Media and Communication Studies program is a valuable opportunity for you to work in a variety of environments, strengthen your skill set, and experience many aspects of the industry before beginning your future postsecondary studies.

Check out this work done by previous students!

Learn more about the program here:




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