Interior Decorating: The Program


The world of interior decorating is one full of imaginative and visual thinking, creative problem solving, and plans put into action. The two–year Ontario College diploma program at Algonquin College, recognized by The Canadian Decorators’ Association, is designed to teach you these hands–on skills, as well as decorating skills, business, project management, and client relations training.

Through hands–on assignments, lectures, guest speakers, field trips, work placement, and community projects, you will gain valuable experience and find a range of learning

opportunities. To bridge your experience to future real–life projects, the program revolves mostly around a hands–on learning approach.

You will build a well–rounded skill set as you study colours, drawing techniques (both hand and digital), design elements, history of furniture and decoration, lighting, and other skills required to succeed as an interior decorator. You will also get the chance to work with furnishings, finishes, lighting, and colour palettes to create the desired atmosphere in both residential and commercial spaces.

The Interior Decorating program is a valuable opportunity for you to gain hands–on experience with decorating, project management, and clients, as well as build a strong foundation of skills that will provide you with many career opportunities.

Check out this work done by previous students!

Sample Boards

project 1

Sample Board2

This program requires you to submit a portfolio for entry to showcase drawing, decorating, and creative skills. To learn more about the portfolio requirements, click here: http://

Learn more about the program here:



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