Media & Communications: The Industry

Media Comm Blogs (Revised)

“The medium is the message.”

Marshall McLuhan best explained the media and communications industry in that one sentence; the media itself says more than the message that is being communicated.

Similar to a more well known quote – “actions speak louder than words” – McLuhan is saying showing a message is more powerful than just saying it, but he also believes the way you show a message (the medium) is equally significant. Of course the content of the message is important, but if it’s being communicated through the wrong media, its importance could be altered or diminished. If it’s being communicated through the right media, it’s importance could be supported and/or heightened.

This is what the media and communications industry is all about: communicating the right message through the right media to maximize its affect on the audience. The industry includes many different fields of media ranging from television and radio broadcasting to journalism to public relations and advertising – all of which are used to communicate different messages.

“The media industry is such a rapidly changing environment and along with it, the mediums as well. 21st century media is fast-paced, rapidly evolving and complex. Knowing which is the appropriate medium and how to use it effectively takes training and that’s what we help students begin to understand.” – Professor Lindsay James- 21st Century Media course.

If you want to learn more about jobs in the media and communications industry, be sure to watch for our next blog post.




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