Game Development: The Program

Game Dev Banner Photo

Game development is a complex industry that involves many layers of artistic and technological skills. The three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma Game Development program at Algonquin College prepares you for a career in this increasingly competitive industry by providing you with the skills and knowledge required to succeed.

The first year of the program is focused on building a foundation of skills in basic programming syntax and game development software tools. The remaining years of the program emphasize a hands-on and team-oriented environment, as found in real game studios. You will learn game designs, interactive game elements, asset modeling, game logic programming, user interface design, and shader programming in a production game environment. Throughout the variety of courses, you will learn to develop, debug, and modify code, design unique game levels and characters, create 2D and 3D artwork for game use, create and produce digital components, games, and documentation using a variety of computer platforms, and create games of strategy, skill, education, and entertainment.

As your final project, you will use your cumulative creative and technological skills to design and create a complete game title to be entered into internationally recognized game development competitions and promoted by the Game Development program.

The Game Development program is a valuable experience that will help you build your design, technological, and deep thinking skills to succeed in the profession which is continuously growing in demand.

Check out work done by previous students.

Learn more about the program .


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