Illustration and Concept Art: The Program

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Illustration and concept art are significant aspects to various industries including television, film, and game development. The two-year Ontario College Diploma Illustration and Concept Art program at Algonquin College allows you to develop the versatile skills and techniques required to succeed in this field.

The program is delivered in a condensed format over 45 weeks through in-class discussions, hands-on learning activities, critical analysis, and technical applications. The coursework includes drawing exercises from sculptures, models, and life (on and off campus) to develop your skills and explore the aspects of form, proportion, space, and light. You will learn to develop art in various styles for the many different platforms in the industry, including print, digital, and mobile. You will gain a versatile and well–rounded skill set, as you explore various components of the industry such as print periodical illustration, children’s book illustration, illustration of graphic novels, and illustration techniques for websites and mobile devices which include storyboarding, character design, and asset building. Beyond artistic skills you will also learn technical skills in digital and traditional media, how to appeal to specific target audiences, clients, and formats, and how to use time and project management skills to produce industry- accepted work.

The thorough foundation of knowledge and wide range of skills provided by the Illustration and Concept Art program will allow you to develop your own personal artistic style which will enhance your portfolio as you prepare for entry into the industry.

This program requires you to submit a portfolio to showcase artistic abilities and overall program suitability. Learn more about portfolio requirements.

Learn more about the program.




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