Brand Management: Jobs


So what exactly can you do in brand management?

Branding is the ongoing process of creating, maintaining, and/or changing an image by strategically planning everything a brand says, does, or is involved in. It takes research, innovative and critical thinking, planning/development of creative campaigns, evaluation of campaign results, and more. As there are many layers to the process, brand management takes a team full of creative and committed people behind the scenes, and therefore employment opportunities continue to grow.

In the following industries, you could work in private, public, and non–profit settings: advertising, retail, services, information technology, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Within these industries, you could find a position as a:

• Brand Manager
• Assistant Brand Manager
• Brand Strategist
• Brand Marketing Manager
• Brand Implementation Manager
• Brand Strategy Manager
• Key Account Manager
• Product Manager

Brand management is a thriving and exciting field with a continuous growth of career





Brand Management: The Industry



 What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it the product itself? An experience? A feeling?

Whichever it may be, that’s branding.

It’s an exciting and innovative field in the marketing communications industry that is composed of many different aspects of marketing.

Creating, building, maintaining, and/or changing a brand image is what brand management is about. It’s the strategic marketing strategies that establish a position in the market and in the mind of consumers. It’s the behind–the–scenes of everything coming from a brand, from the name to the logo to campaign concepts to the type of content shared on social media. Everything a brand says, does, or is involved in, must adhere to and reflect the same values as one consistent image and voice in order to build a strong and respected brand position.

A big picture perspective while conducting market research is important to utilize, as brands must research, analyze, and evaluate both internal and external factors in terms of how they could influence their image. It’s a hugely significant part of the process – in fact, this job never truly ends, as the industry is fast–paced and quickly evolving, meaning trends, technological advancements, and social conversations could always affect a brand’s image.

As every brand needs a team behind it to contribute to it’s image, the industry is always full of exciting opportunities.