Algonquin College School of Media and Design

Brand Management: Jobs


So what exactly can you do in brand management?

Branding is the ongoing process of creating, maintaining, and/or changing an image by strategically planning everything a brand says, does, or is involved in. It takes research, innovative and critical thinking, planning/development of creative campaigns, evaluation of campaign results, and more. As there are many layers to the process, brand management takes a team full of creative and committed people behind the scenes, and therefore employment opportunities continue to grow.

In the following industries, you could work in private, public, and non–profit settings: advertising, retail, services, information technology, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Within these industries, you could find a position as a:

• Brand Manager
• Assistant Brand Manager
• Brand Strategist
• Brand Marketing Manager
• Brand Implementation Manager
• Brand Strategy Manager
• Key Account Manager
• Product Manager

Brand management is a thriving and exciting field with a continuous growth of career