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Journalism – Myths


The survival of journalism is a topic that has been discussed many times – or continuously, some would say – for years. However many of the perceived downfalls of the industry are nothing but myths.

Here are the top two, debunked:

Declining Newspaper Circulation Means Declining Journalism
A common misconception is that the decline of newspapers means the same for the journalism industry – but journalism isn’t just about newspapers. The industry has evolved with the world around it; it includes many other platforms beyond print such as digital, social media, and photos/videos. Journalism is about collecting, processing and presenting information, and there will always be a demand for that. People will always want to know what’s going on, and somebody has to tell them.

Social Media As A News Source
While it’s true that social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, have become significant news sources in people’s lives, it doesn’t replace the original ones. In fact, it enhances them, as it’s mostly used as a sharing platform. According to a study conducted by the PewResearch Center, half of social networking site users are sharing or reposting news stories and images/videos from other news sources. The platforms aren’t being used to post original content; the news being shared comes from other sources such as online newspapers.

In a nutshell, the journalism industry is about sharing information- and that’s something that will never go out of style.