Interactive Media Management: Jobs


So what exactly can you do in interactive media?

Interactive media has become one of the most significant tools in finding innovative and engaging ways of interacting with consumers, which is crucial to brands and organizations in today’s cluttered world of advertising and media and communications. As the industry is growing every day alongside new trends and innovations, there are many exciting career opportunities in interactive media.

You could find the following jobs with marketing/advertising firms, newspapers, magazines, federal and provincial governments, publishers, entertainment, retail, recreation and tourism, educational institutions, health organizations, and start–up businesses:

  • Media Development
  • Web Design
  • Videography
  • Product Management
  • Flash Animator
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Layout Designer
  • Online Education
  • Server–side Development
  • Media Director
  • Video/Audio Technician
  • Interactive Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Motion Graphics Editor
  • Web Programmer
  • Production Coordinator/Assistant
  • CMS Specialist
  • Video Producer
  • Media Animator

As it is a significant aspect of many other media and communication industries, the interactive media industry is continuously growing in employment opportunities – a truly exciting field to work in!





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