Interactive Media Management: Myths


Interactive media is a widely dynamic industry, quickly evolving in importance and innovative ability. Every business and/or organization has caught on to the fact that utilizing interactive media is or is becoming one of the most effective ways to turn a flat message into an interpersonal experience, further building their relationships with consumers. The fast–growing importance and popularity of interactive media has resulted in a common misconception about the industry: that it can replace ideas. As innovative and engaging as interactive media is, this is a myth.

While it is an effective way to find new and engaging ways to interact with consumers, simply utilizing interactive media does not replace or become a brand’s idea or strategy – it enhances it. It is meant to reinforce and bring new life to an already established brand idea. Interactive media on its own without a strategy creates only a temporary relationship with the consumer; an unmemorable experience. To be effective and used to its fullest potential, interactive media must be used in harmony with traditional media and the ideas that came before it. It’s about bridging substantial ideas to engaging and interactive experiences.

Interactive media is a truly inspiring tool that can be used to enhance powerful brand ideas to create positive and memorable consumer experiences.


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