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Interior Design: Myths


Like most industries, there are many myths and/or common misconceptions about interior design, ranging from what it’s like to work in the industry to job descriptions to salary.

Here are the top two, debunked:

Interior Designers Just Choose Furniture
One of the most common conceptions is that the job of an interior designer is picking out furniture and paint colours, when in reality, the job expands far beyond these tasks. An interior designer must be an innovative, organized, and well–educated individual with a hugely versatile skill set. The responsibilities of an interior designer include improving the quality and functionality of a space while also meeting health/safety regulations and building codes, client needs, and industry standards. They must have exceptional interpersonal and critical thinking skills to conduct relevant research, analyze clients’ goals, design detailed layouts that meet industry standards and trends, collaborate with and manage other professionals, and adhere to a schedule and budget.

Designer And Decorator Are The Same Thing
While interior designers do take part in decorating, their primary focus is design. Designers are the architects of spaces, whereas decorators are the artists. Designers create the physical layout of the space based on research, health/safety and building codes, and client needs, and decorators use the result as a canvas to create an atmosphere. So while they do overlap, interior designer and interior decorator are actually two different jobs.

Despite the many common myths it battles, the interior design industry is a rewarding one, full of exciting opportunities.