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Professional Writing: Myths


Professional writing, a vast and versatile field that is a significant aspect to multiple industries in the media and communications world, is one surrounded by a lot of misinformation. For example, a common misconception is that professional writing is only about writing novels, when in fact it’s an important part of every business, publication, and organization.

Here are two other common myths about the industry, debunked:

Only “Natural” Writers Can Write Professionally
A common misconception is that you can only write professionally if you’re a naturally great writer, when in fact, no one is simply born with exceptional writing skills. Like all skills, great writing evolves through education, practice, hard work, and willingness to improve.

Writing Is A Hobby
While yes, writing could be a hobby (in fact that’s a great starting point), it’s also a career – and it’s a myth that it can’t be both. As professional writing is the base of effective communication, there are many opportunities for writers in the media and communications industry, even as it continues to evolve and change. Every business, organization, and publication needs effective writing to be successful; content writing, copywriting, blogging, technical writing, and creative writing are only a few of the many important writing roles within the industry.

Professional writing is a hugely important industry; everything you’ve read, somebody had to write!